Neil Thomas

“I make these little tins… Like tin worlds”

A portrait of Melbourne artist Neil Thomas as he builds miniature worlds and dioramas in old cigarette tins.
Video/Editing: Jeremy Beasley
Sound track: Bridget Johnson & Jason Wright
Sound recording/Assistants: Tom Stayner & Andy Donohoe

The Men’s Shed

“Even if some of them are just talking, at least they’re out of the house and have company”

The Finley Menshed is a place where retired men go to make things, break things and tell tall stories to their mates for a couple of hours twice a week. It’s a way for the men to get out of the house, interact with others and keep their hands and minds busy.
Photography, Video & Audio by Jeremy Beasley

Michael’s Story

“I can’t process my existence. It’s like I’m not here.”

Michael has battled with depression for over 20 years, he shares his story.
Audio & Photography by Jeremy Beasley.

A to Z by Luka Lesson

“A to Z”

‘A to Z’ from the Album ‘The Confluence’ by Luka Lesson.

Filmed in one take.

Thirteen feet

“The mould and the stench… It had taken furniture and moved it from room to room”

Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans in August 2005. Kurtis revisits his home and shares his story almost 6 years later.