Josh & Anoushka {Hawkesbury}

“We’ve heard many people say they want candid shots but few are brave enough to go the whole way and end up trying to get both… just in case. We got the family photos for our Mums, but were very happy to just let you do your stuff. The result speaks for itself. Something we’ll treasure forever.

Thank you for being so sensitive to the whole weekend. It really did just feel completely natural for you to be there and we cannot count the amount of people that thought you’ve been one of our friends for a long time. And then let’s get to the work. Wow.

We have only shown a handful of people so far and everyone is simply blown away. You really have captured the complete story of our day and all our loved ones. You’ve captured the intoxicating love in the room; the good times on the dancefloor and most importantly all the detailed insightful bits in between. Thankyou.” – Josh & Noush